Branch Commercial Manager – West


  • Provide finance Leadership to the Commercial function at the branch
  • Business Partner to branch Manager vis-à-vis Financial Management, Strategic Management including portfolio management of the Branch/Region
  • Developing long term business strategy for the Branch along with other Managers
  • Lead development of Customer Business Development strategy and solutions from economic and value creation point of view
  • Ensure robust accounting entries and accruals at branches to maintain accurate cost reporting and balance sheet hygiene
  • Review all spends in customer investments for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Review profitability for all customers in the branch
  • Ensure people cost (NMS, Welfare & RFTS) is monitored and managed within budgets

Job responsabilities

  • Maintenance & controlling of Financial Statements (i.e. Trial Balance, Balance Sheet Accounts) at the Branch & its periodic reporting to HO as per requirements
  • Evaluating new RDs financial standing before appointment
  • Ensuring financial discipline (existence of all internal controls) in the Region, as per Company policies (Financial Accounting Practices/Policy Manual & Branch SOPs)
  • Ensuring correct provisioning of costs on an accrual basis every period, and keeping track of all expenses & claims to identify un-received claims and providing for them
  • Ensuring compliance of all statutory and legal requirements in the Region
  • Ensuring that all expenses (including RODS, RD claims, C&FA expenses, employee expenses, etc) have proper authorizations and either are within budget or are specifically approved as an exception by the authorized Managers
  • Ensuring correct booking of Sales (on dispatch) as per the company policy.
  • Ensuring timely collection of payments against invoices and taking necessary legal action against defaulting parties (incl. timely issue of notice under the Negotiable Instruments Act
  • Continuously tracking Sticky Debtors, Bad Debts and Dishonored Cheques and advising BM on controlling these
  • Ensuring safe custody and proper recording of data, blank cheques and company assets
  • Negotiating C&FA terms and conditions, under guidance from BM
  • Carrying out audits of depots for compliance of policies and procedures and condition (quality) of stocks as per annual plan for the Branch
  • Coordinating with the Logistics for ensuring proper keeping of stocks, their insurance and liquidation of non-moving stocks
  • Dealing with Logistics and ASMs for transport related issues (eg: transit damages, etc), write-offs, disposal/sale of slow and non moving items, etc, fully getting involved in contract negotiations
  • Clearing all accounts & stock reconciliation items and ensuring timely clearance of employee receivables & advances
  • Resolving all queries of Statutory / Internal Auditors, related to the Branch
  • Supervision & providing information to the depots for periodic deposit of Sales Tax , filing of Sales Tax returns and getting the assessments done